The Offering


Most religions have ceremonies of thanksgiving, respect, and reciprocity. For myself, I did not really grow up practicing a religion but I know for myself that I do respect others practices, religion, and culture.  Recently we had gone a school field trip to the Industrial First Nation residential school burial site. While we were there was a lot of discussion on religion and what we believe. It was a good start on how to write this blog post but for me, something else happened at the site. Deep inside I felt the need to show my respect or I would also call this a calling. Audrey did not feel comfortable allowing us into the boarded area of the burials but for myself, I had the urge to go in and show my respect. Intentionally that day I packed a grocery bag to maybe sit on my but to my surprise maybe the whole feeling of grabbing was to help. I had asked Audrey if it was okay to go into where the bodies were buried and clean up the garbage I saw. No one is taking care of these people and where their home is now. It is important to now respect not just for people you love but others who have been love but now are lost. I would count this as a way of an offering or ceremony because I allowed my emotions to break me down to make a connection with these fellow people. I had used tobacco to allow myself in by making a door, I had walked around cleaning up garbage and closed opens with the tobacco symbolizing a door making it complete and more sacred, During this whole time I was speaking to them apologizing, asking if they were okay, hoping they were okay and wishing that someone was looking out for them  in sort of life a prayer. I finished my ceremony by closing the door I had my with tobacco as I said my goodbyes. This feeling has changed my life, and I never knew I could feel this way. I thank that land and those people for show me a new way. Thank you.


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