Decolonizing Encounters

esci pic blog 5

Every day we live our life and participate in activities, but the thought usually never occurs that we are on stolen decolonized land. Especially for me after talking up the class I had never really thought about it before. In reality, we all think we are just having innocent fun and not really thinking about the consequences that allow this.

For my visual piece, it shows the different levels of nature. The bottom klinex box has a pattern that reminds me of waves, then the next one represents rocks, then we have leaves again, the weird shapes represent colonization and lastly leaves again. It is meant to show nature in steps; I tried to relate this piece to being outside mostly camping. These are different parts that you partake when camping. We boat/ fish on the water, lay upon the rocks and sand, stay in tents/ campers and play in the woods. It had never occurred to me that this lifestyle was not always ours. Just in the fact that this land has not always been ours, we do some activities were we are not giving back to the land which is always been the main purpose or to respect the land. I know for fact is on the body of water there is garbage sometimes or I have witnessed cans being tossed into the lake. This isn’t respecting our Earth. Not only did we take over land that was not ours but still choose to treat it with no respect.  I know now that the next time I participate in activities to have an open eye about relearning and unlearning the land. Tell people they are doing something disrespectful to the land and they need to stop. I need to stand for our land because it can not do that by itself. There was a duty to care of this land and out of respect we should continue that sacred piece about the land. Further on I will unlearn my bad habits and relearn the land to make good habits.

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