Braid Tension

Eco-literate is a term with many meanings but one broad idea that everyone can agree on is that being Eco-Literate has two meanings: Eco and Literate. Eco is not harming the environment and literate means having education or knowledge.

A poem that I found that relates to my eco-literate love letter was Mack’s poem. In Mack’s poem he states his own personal eco-literate movement and as for my poem I’m trying to put a more eco-literate lifestyle in the schooling system for the learners. As for mine is a check list on what the learners should be learning so they can to follow the independent eco-literate lifestyle. Essentially mine is a broad understanding for learners and Mack is that learner who it made a difference on. That being eco-literate and making a change isn’t easy.  That the main similarity is having the same idea of having learners who make a change; I found this quote which is relevant from Mack’s poem: “Recycling is such a small step you see. We could change the Earth, you and me.”

A poem that I found that was not as relatable to my eco-literate letter was Laura’s poem. In Laura’s poem she states that humans are misusing the land and not giving back anything in return. That humans greed over looks the respect they should have for Earth. Her poem consist of the wrong doings between the Earth and humans:

Is it a relationship,

If it is one sided?

If one only gives

And one never gives back,

Is it going to last?

One will wear out

And be forced to fade away,

Leaving the other with nothing.”

As for my letter it is demonstrating how to implement it in schooling. Rather then always stating what we are doing wrong;  we should only be talking about all the right things we can do. Laura’s poem is looking at the destruction from the past and present as for my love letter is to aim in the future to teach our learners. Laura also agrees near the end that it is  possibly for change with the use of knowledge but it will have to be drastic :


The knowledgeable can leap


Repair what has been broken”

The main idea is always wanting to rejuvenate our plant but the idea can not make a change unless their is action.  That if we don’t make change WITH the Earth, not only are we destroying the Earth; we are destroying ourselves; our humanity.

The one particular class reading that compared to my love letter was David Orr’s chapter on What is Education? David Orr states: “ the plain fact is that  the planet does not need more successful people. But it desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of every kind”.  As for my eco-literate love letter I stated  us as educators should be teaching our learners. That the main points would be to make an eco-literate learner who would be more open to make a change in the future. After reading the similarities, differences and referencing to reading has changed my eco-literate understanding. Rather than just teaching learners to be successful eco-literate people; we should be teaching them how to love this Earth on another level. That we are more then eco- literate people! WE ARE AND CAN BE PEACEMAKERS, HEALERS, RESTORES, STORYTELLERS AND LOVERS OF EVERY KIND! That this is what our Earth needs from us. It doesn’t need us to just know that we are eco-literate because having that knowledge doesn’t mean you are going to make a change. We need to aim bigger and be all those things that make us a companion with this Earth. The Earth will always need something and as do we but we need to be more Earth orientated.




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