Eco-Literate Love Letter

Dear learners,

Educators also know as story tellers or the the starting point will guide you to be eco-literate activists. You will discuss the importance of taking care of nature, what you can do to help, and how it makes you feel.  The end goal of being taught Eco literacy is raising eco-literate you to be influenced socially and emotionally through the lenses of eco-literacy.  With social and emotional intelligence it allows for your  abilities to see others perspectives, values, and show concern. Ecological intelligence allows for you to under natural systems and having empathy for all life.  Educators will provide you with this knowledge:

  1. Developing empathy for all forms of life

All organisms- including humans- need food, water, space and survival. By having a better understanding of the common needs this allows us to shift from a superior human view to humans as members of the natural world. With this it will allow us to demonstrate empathy when we consider the quality of life of other life forms. That our brains are wired to feel empathy and concern for other living things.

2. Embrace sustainability as a community practice

By learning about the ways that plants, animals and other living things are dependent on each other inspires you as learners to consider your role. That were you stand in the community and seeing value on how you can strengthen those relationships by thinking and acting accordingly.

3. Make the invisible visible

That the decisions being made have consequences. There are so many different ideas and opinions which lead to conflict. Some still believe that global warming isn’t real. This part allows you to be taught about what the superior human race has done to the planet  and the consequences. With this it  analyzes  problems to create solutions.

4. Understand how nature sustains life

This is having an understanding on how nature has sustained their life on this planet. That if the human race had just looked outside and followed the role of nature that we there might of been a better chance of survival/ surviving. That the obvious way of proper living is a natural way.

Eco-literate people and learners have learned from nature that all living organisms are members of a complex web that relay on one another for survival . Present generations will a have a duty to sustain life into the future. That we must only take what we need, and not to abuse resources in order to survive. Students are required to look long term when making decisions about how to live.



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