Blog 5: Curriculum Development

How do you think that school curricula are developed?

  • Social norms
  • Religion
  • Teaching/ working up learners to play a part in society
  • What is deemed to be important
  • Government influenced

School curricula  development and implementation takes a long process to be renewed or reviewed. That when something is wrong or they want to change it the process takes multiple leads and years for it to be fixed. Also the curricula is being developed by a belief systems in the present time the new implement is being made. Beliefs change and therefore should not be a continuous revision. Rather then beliefs they should be using facts that have demonstrated on working or not. Rules are all about trial and error; why don’t we take advantage of that. The curriculum lacks a positive impact on guiding teachers with teaching. While teachers obtain the knowledge of outdated curriculum and policies this puts a hold on the right things to be teaching children. The curriculum needs a broader horizon for all sorts of teaching styles. A  unreliable curriculum projects onto a unsure teacher, and creates a negative learning experience.


One thought on “Blog 5: Curriculum Development

  1. In an ideal scenario we would expect that any group that is revising a curriculum would first assess the impact of other curriculum on the student bodies and compare these impacts. The facts of these studies would drive the new curriculum. Having a gradual roll out with extensive teacher development sessions would likely make more confident teachers and a better learning environment.


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