Blog 3: Educational Theorist Elliot W. Eisner

“The ultimate aim of education is to enable individuals to become the architects of their own education and through that process to continually reinvent themselves.” ~ Elliot W. Eisner

Possible: This quote is based in a school environment were the children are the builder of their learning.  That we set bases and lessons for them but it the students to use it. The student must want to continue learning and willing to keeping building on themselves.

Impossible: This quote demonstrates independent learning to a extent. This is why this quote lacks understanding of different types of learners. Some learners can’t just reinvent themselves or easily take information. There is so many restraints on people/ students these days were they need that extra push/help.

Teacher: This says that the teacher is giving all the tools the students need but it is the students choice on how they want to use those tools to build there house. Also the students job to renew their learning with the new tools they receive. Only can help them along can’t decide what they do with the knowledge they are given.

Student: In this quote they are giving the knowledge and handed the tools. But it is what they built with those tools that demonstrate who they are and what they are. To become the best architects and build the most beautiful houses ( best version of themselves) and to also renovate (work on themselves). They are the builders of their own life.

Relation to my understanding of curriculum and school:  After reading this quote I tried to have some sort of connection to it. With my understanding and this quote it demonstrates that we are the tool holders and are trying to create architects. With each bit of information we teach them we give them a tool. Eventually they will have a toolbox (brain) full of tools. With these tools they will build their building (work on themselves). Teachers try their best to give everything to students but it is the students mindset to want more and to not limit themselves. Teachers and school are emplaced to teach children about life and how to work in society. There is a reason why students never stay students; its a part of life that is just helping them evolve. Students have the blue prints of their life, teachers are just the tools and the student is the one who decides what they are going to build.


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