“Leap” Into Action


From reading Maple Nation it demonstrates how reliant and important the land is to a community and each and everyone of us an individual. This society had build their community around maple trees/ maple syrup hence the name maple nation. For myself I found it trickery to think of a way to do a power act of reciprocity with the land. I think a relevant one from me that I could accomplish is as a future educator. Being a future educator I can give back to the land by essentially using it more in my every day classroom or making students aware of the bond they can have with the land. My commit to trying to give back is that I recycle, I donate my clothes so they get reused but reducing is still a work in progress for myself.

My big leap into action is getting more knowledge on what I can do to have a better understanding of myself and the land. With maple nation full reliant on there lives around maple trees. I need to understand what I can to have a deeper or a more environmental bond with the Earth. I have always been the try to turn off the lights when not using them but I think the next step is unplugging things need power when I’m not using them for example: my printer, tv, fan, etc. I also need to find a better way in reducing in sense I reduce my clothing then make it reusable. But my goal for reducing is to reduce the amount of packaged products I buy. I think these are important steps to conquer on the way to find a bigger picture for the land and I.

My visual representation just demonstrates the leap I have taken already with recycling. There is paper, can and bottles which are all current things right now I recycle. But the m&m wrappers represent liter. That everyday on journeys you notice liter; it is my new goal to try to pick up garbage if I see it. That this small step is a start on cleaning up our land. I’m very excited to continue my walk along the land but ready to leap more into action. This is a small leap but I hope to have a big leap one day.



One thought on ““Leap” Into Action

  1. Very insightful blog post! I like how you tied in your future career path as a way to give back to the environment. It’s also great to hear that you’re planning on going beyond just recycling but making a conscious effort to reduce as well. Great insight into specific things you can do to help!

    One suggestion I would have is proof-reading your blog before posting just to clean up any grammatical or spelling errors.

    Your visual representation does a great job of showing both sides of trying to be environmentally conscientious – on one hand, using things that are recyclable but on the other hand, it’s always difficult to completely avoid non-recyclable products such as food wrapping, yogurt lids, etc. The visual “shoe” is also a great representation of not only the physical act of a “leap” but also of the future journeys you will take where you will notice and clean up litter.

    Great job!

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